Quality First Even At Great Expenses: Redroad V17 Achieves Proudly Strong Cleaning Power

best vaccum from redroad v17

Dual roller brush, powerful suction, various accessories, double HEPA filters... Redroad V17 gives more than others

The technologies used in stick vacuum cleaners are quite advanced. If you find your stick vac unsatisfactory, it's not because the brand couldn't, but they wouldn't spend more and do better.

In pursuit of providing easy and efficient cleaning solutions, Redroad never hesitates to use the best material for production. That explains the quality appliances that Redroad presents, and why they re-define ‘strong cleaning power’.

best vaccum from redroad v17

Redroad arms V17 with dual roller brush (4 roller bars included), brushless digital motor, double HEPA filters, and a slew of accessories. Hard-to-reach spots, stinky exhaust, debris that takes a second pass? Not with Redroad V17.

Redroad V17 gives customers the best even at great expenses. Want a spotlessly clean house? You can count on it.

Dual motorized roller brush, always quick to get it done

Most vacuum cleaners, even Dyson's, have a common problem. You'll have to replace the brush head whenever you switch between different flooring types. Luckily, the 2-in-1 dual motorized roller brush came along. The combination of a soft brush and a bristle bar, working well both on carpets and hard floors, covers 90% of floor cleaning needs so you don't have to change the brush head frequently.

On top of that, the dual motorized roller brush of RedRoad V17 has seen a major upgrade. The original package includes 2 carpet brush bars and 2 hard floor bars that you can freely couple in 3 different ways.

best vaccum from redroad v17

You can choose from the 3 combos of brush bars according to the situation of your house. For example, if you have only hard flooring, you can assemble two bristle bars to double the cleaning efficiency.

Redkey V17 can deep clean the house with ease and great efficiency.

Surging suction, leaving waste nowhere to hide

Suction is a fundamental spec of a vacuum cleaner; insufficient suction will leave the floor under cleaned. And the suction is decided by the motor.

The motor of Redroad works at 120,000 rpm and, with an optimized air duct design, generates a suction of 155AW and a vacuum pressure of 26,500 pa, which is the highest in this category.

best vaccum from redroad v17

Such a strong suction is more than enough than daily household cleaning. Redroad V17 is perfect for tidy families because of the strong deep cleaning capacity.

Multiple accessories, versatile for any uses

RedRoad V17 provides a stunning variety of accessories for you to clean anywhere in the house. It has two floor brushes (for floor deep cleaning), a LED crevice nozzle (to illuminate dust in every nook and cranny), a wide nozzle & hose (to clean under furniture or car seats), a motorized mite brush (to remove 99.9% of dust mites off of the bed and couches), a dusting brush (to effectively clean keyboards, curtains, car seats, etc.), and an extension tube (to help reach the ground or higher spots), etc.

best vaccum from redroad v17

Double HEPA filters, breathing out air surgically clean

Do you know that the exhaust of vacuum cleaners could cause secondary pollution and affect children and people who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases like asthma? RedRoad V17 is equipped with two HEPA filters to eliminate this threat.

The inlet H12 HEPA purifies inward airflow to protect the motor and the 12-cone cyclonic dust separation system with 99.97% efficiency. The outlet H13 HEPA captures particles down to 0.1 microns, including dust mites, mold spores, pollen and dander. The HEPA filters keep the outflowing air surgically clean and give you an enjoyable cleaning time.

best vaccum from redroad v17

Only by putting quality before production expense control can a good product be made. Redroad V17 has done it.

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